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Move Over Men, Las Vegas Is a Woman’s Playground!

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The old school image of Vegas as a place of smooth talking

men, gangsters, celebrities, beautifulwomen and a chance to make or break a fortune are still relatively true, but few of us will ever experience this side of ‘Sin City’. The Hollywood image from movies like, The Hangover, Vegas Vacation, 21, Casino, Ocean’s 12 (+/-), Leaving Las Vegas and Fear and Loathing cast a glittering and sordid image.  Like a bee to honey, people are drawn to the sparkly lights and the promise of adventure and winnings.  We visit to have our Hollywood moment, to feel like rock stars at the clubs and to be giants at the table. But for both men and women on bachelor and bachelorette parties where does the myth end, and the truth begin for each sex?

Las Vegas is the classic destination for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, more stereotypically for Bachelor parties though.  It’s that allure of manly pursuits like fight nights, gambling, cigars, drinks and long legs that bring the men in droves. However, a male partner straying is a moot point.  Las Vegas sports a singlehood ratio of 18 unmarried men to 1 unmarried woman.  So if you catch yourself worrying about what your partner might get himself into, remember that he’s more likely to runaway with Joe then Joanne. If you’re female, even though the ratio is in your favor the quality of male stock is not.  Once you sifted through the men twice your age, the smokers, the drunkards, the genuinely creepy, you’ll find the list of possibilities sadly low. Not to mention, the secret dance defense code we women have when dancing together: no man shall grind upon a lady without the approval of her fellow maidens. But Vegas is a crapshoot and you never know whom you might meet.

Visiting [single] females are rare commodities, so much that clubs nearly beg for females to attend nighttime activities with lures of V.I.P. status, waived cover charges and free drinks (hold out for the free champagne bars).  On the other hand, men fork over weekly paychecks for bottle/table services ($100 to $1000+) just to get in.

Clubs may favor women, but the sexual opportunities disproportionally favor men. Contrary to popular belief prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas (Clark County), but legal brothels exist in outside counties. While female sex workers make up the majority of sex-for-sale prospects, Nevada opportunities for male workers barely exist. Infamous Heidi Fleiss stirred up excitement by claiming intents to open Nevada’s first stud farm (male services for women) in 2005, though in 2009 admitted her efforts were…well, flaccid.

For women seeking non-prostitution, male entertainment, Vegas offers a wide array of male performance shows, such as The American Storm and The Thunder Down Under. If a stripper pole and a lap dance aren’t your thing, The Thunder is pure entertainment as chiseled men dance to cheesy themes and music. There’s no full-frontal fun, but if you’d like to make your partner squirm a bit there’s a photo session at the end where you can sit splayed across the laps of the Abercrombie & Fitch-looking hunks to send home.

It’s stereotypical for men to come for the sordid, sexual side of Vegas alone, but the unisex opportunities for other types of entertainment is limitless. From Broadway performances to celebrity shows, musical to comedic routines, the shows are limitless.  Even the sporting and gambling events attract a growing number of female attendees.  A walk down the strip alone can take all day; it offers everything from people watching, public drinking to water shows.   The hotels alone are grand dreams come alive as one can go from ancient Venice (The Venetian) to Rome (Caesar’s Palace) to the streets of New York (New York City Hotel) to medieval times (The Excalibur).  In Vegas there is something for everyone, be it squeezing between two senior citizens at the slots, chowing down at the all-you-can-eat buffets or pampering oneself poolside.

So if your fiancé or significant other should still find themselves worried about the evils of a Las Vegas bachelor or bachelorette party, remind them that cell phone cameras and the Internet have created a 24/7 Big Brother babysitter because “what happens in Vegas now ends up on YouTube.” Regardless though, troubling tales of mischief can still find their way home, such as “…I lost my license (can you FedEx my passport?)/all my money/suitcase/I got kicked out of the hotel/I have third degree sun burns because I passed out by the pool/…but don’t worry I wasn’t the one who got put in the drunk tank” (of which are all long distance calls I’ve been privy too). Despite the stereotypes and legends of Las Vegas, it is becoming an oasis playground for the ladies too. But whether or not Las Vegas is a guy’s or girl’s trip, by the end of it, we all come home in one piece wanting nothing more then a comforting hug and a lot of aspirin.

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